Wine of the Month Club Oldest Mail Order Wine Club in America Take a tour of Wine of the Month Club, Americas oldest and Original Wine Club, founded in 1972, with Company president and Cellarmaster Paul Kalemkiarian.

Cellarmaster Paul Kalemkiarian takes you on a video tour of the Wine of the Month Club headquarters in Monrovia California and introduces you to some of the wine club staff, as well as showing you key areas of the company.

Paul introduces you to a few of the customer service staff in the video. When you call Wine of the Month Club, you do not get a machine to answer your calls, you get a real live person on the line, sitting right there in the wine club headquarters.

Paul then moves through the building and shows you his wine tasting room, where every Tuesday he tastes all the latest offerings from wineries from around the world, local importers and distributors. It’s from those weekly tastings that the wines are selected each month for the Wine of the Month Club Wine Clubs.

From there Paul moves through to give you a quick look at the gift basket assembly area, where all of the wine gift baskets are assembled by hand using the freshest ingredients.

Next up is the warehouse where you get an insight into the temperature controlled environment that wines are stored in at Wine of the Month Club before being sent out to wine club members each month.

Finally Paul moves to his office where he reinforces the principals that the Wine of the Month Club was founded upon all those years ago back in 1972.

In all, a fascinating look into the world of The Original Wine of the Month Club.